Bridging Finance for Property Refinance

Funding for Property Refinance

At Lowry Capital, we refinance property projects throughout Scotland. If your project is running short on funds or your current lender is becoming inflexible, we’d be delighted to help you get things moving again.

Property Refinance Funding

We work with property professionals every day. We understand it’s not easy and sometimes, you just need a common-sense lender who is flexible enough to help you see the project through.
Fast Refinancing
Borrow £25k to £4million within days. Our system is built for speed and you'll get an instant lending decision.
Flexible Refinancing
Borrow in one large amount or several smaller amounts in line with your work schedule to keep costs down.
Scotland Wide
We can fund any residential, semi-commercial or commercial property anywhere in Scotland, including the islands.
No Upfront Fees
No upfront arrangement fees, no solicitors cost undertaking, we share a genuine desire to get a deal done.

Borrow £25k to £4million Within Days

I have worked with Lowry for many years and always contact them for short term finance as my first port of call. The team is a pleasure to work with, accessible, flexible, highly professional and fun to deal with. I cannot recommend them enough

David Gould, Route 1 Commercial Finance

Funding Property Projects Across Scotland

We fund property projects all over Scotland, from the major cities to the outlying islands. Here’s a small selection of property projects we’ve funded in Scotland recently.
“You always deliver what you say you can.”
Dennis Anderson
Property Developer
“Lowry Capital can always do the deal quickly.”
Colin Gorman
Property Developer
“Terms were agreed within a day. Superb!”
Philip Howard
Property Developer

Borrow £25k to £4million Within Days