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Borrow £25k to £4million within days.

Bridging Finance Scotland

Lowry Capital provides funding for property projects all over Scotland. For over 14 years, we have been providing short-term property finance for Scottish property developers and property investors. Our dedicated bridging finance team, based in Glasgow, has a proven track record funding a broad mixture of properties including residential investment, commercial and semi-commercial projects. Our lending capability extends across the country from the major cities to the remote highlands and the outlying islands. If you need fast funding for a property project, our streamlined lending process means you'll typically have the funds in your account within 7 days.
Borrow £25k to £4million within days. Our system is built for speed and you'll get an instant lending decision.
Borrow in one large amount or several smaller amounts in line with your work schedule to keep costs down.
Scotland Wide
We can fund any residential, semi-commercial or commercial property anywhere in Scotland, including the islands.
Multi-Award Winning
Taking care of you is our number one priority. We've won several awards for our level of service. Put us to the test!
All Property Types
You name it, we've seen it - and probably funded it! We'll consider funding any kind of property, anywhere in Scotland.
100% Bridging
We don't offer any other kinds of finance. We're a bespoke lender with unrivaled experience in the property market.
Proven Track Record
We've lent millions to Scottish property developers and investors every single year, for the last 14 years.
Common Sense Lending
We use common sense, not algorithms, to make our lending decisions. If it makes commercial sense to us, we'll always lend.
“Thank you for stepping in and saving the day.”
Sam Sturdy
Head of Commercial | Ingard
“Your service is brilliant. Highly recommended.”
Sam J Griffiths
Director | First 4 Mortgages Ltd
“Received funds within days. Most impressive.”
John Wood
Regional Director
“You always deliver what you say you can.”
Dennis Anderson
Property Developer
“Lowry Capital can always do the deal quickly.”
Colin Gorman
Property Developer
“Terms were agreed within a day. Superb!”
Philip Howard
Property Developer

Borrow £25k to £4million Within Days

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We understand that you don’t have time to wait around or jump through hoops. Here are some of the ways you can use our bridging finance fund...


Borrow £25k to £4million Within Days